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The Spanish-American War

The Spanish-American War was the culmination of centuries of Anglo-American efforts to drive Spain out of the Western Hemisphere. Even after most of Spain’s provinces had become independent, the United States continued to expand territorially at Mexico’s expense and constantly undermined the remnants of Spanish culture in Latin America which centered on the Catholic Church.…

On the Feast Day of Christ the King

October 30, 2022 marks the feast day of Christ the King! To a world that had long forgotten that Christ is King not only over individuals in their spiritual lives, but of all creation, Pope Pius XI in 1925 instituted, Quas Primas.  The encyclical is an explicit rebuke to the concept that the civil authority…

Pseudo Traditionalists

Posted by editors 02-14-’22  https://christusrexsite.wordpress.com ChristusRex@ChristusRex16

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