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On the Feast Day of Christ the King

October 30, 2022 marks the feast day of Christ the King! To a world that had long forgotten that Christ is King not only over individuals in their spiritual lives, but of all creation, Pope Pius XI in 1925 instituted, Quas Primas.  The encyclical is an explicit rebuke to the concept that the civil authority…

Pseudo Traditionalists

Posted by editors 02-14-’22  https://christusrexsite.wordpress.com ChristusRex@ChristusRex16

The January 6th “Insurrection” and the Epiphany

One year ago a haphazard and foolish attempt was made by supporters of former President Donald Trump to disrupt a joint session of Congress which had assembled to formalize the victory of then president-elect Joseph Biden.  Some Congressional offices were vandalized while Congress had to halt proceedings as representatives were evacuated and the Capitol building…

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